Who are these tours for?

Organized tours are recommended for groups (over 10 participants) that are interested in booking a half-day or full day tour in advance.

What does the tour include?

You can personalize visits to include a few of the central landmarks in the region, visits based on a theme such as agriculture and wine, the Bible and archaeology, or according to areas.

What types of tours are available?

Tours for the general public – open to groups of all types of visitors.

Geopolitical tours – especially suited for organized delegations; study tours.

VIP tours

Does the tour include transportation and food?

By advance booking, it is possible to rent buses for groups and to arrange meals to meet the group’s budget.

What languages are available for the tours?

In Binyamin, there are a variety of tour guides who speak different languages. At most of the tourist attractions, English tours are available, and by prior reservation, tours in Spanish, French or Russian can also be arranged.

How far in advance do tours need to be booked?

We recommend booking tours at least two weeks before the desired date. For visits to individual sites, booking a few days in advance is sufficient.

How can we book a tour?

For booking a tour please contact the Regional Tourism Department, at  +972-2-5477754 , or submit your request below.

Where can we receive further information about different sorts of trips?

 Further information can be found here