Neve Erez is a communal agricultural village established in 1999. The village was evacuated several times and established in its final location in 2001. When Brigadier General Erez Gerstein, commander of one of the village’s founding members, fell in battle in Lebanon, the members decided to name the village after him.

Neve Erez features a breathtaking panorama of the eastern Binyamin Mountains, the Jordan Valley and the area north of the Dead Sea. The village is located adjacent to the gorgeous Ein Mabua Nature Reserve, in the heart of the rocky channel of the Prat Stream. Neve Erez is a place that joins religious and secular people who are connected to nature and the desert. The residents promote various ecological ideals such as recycling water for all of the community’s needs and using solar electricity. In addition, the members all share their great love of music.

There are currently 21 families in the village, both secular and religious. They view their coexistence and joint lifestyle as a microcosm of Jewish Israeli renewal.

Every unit in Neve Erez is its own private family farm which is the family’s independent business. The dream of self-reliance is what drives the members to pursue agriculture and other creative fields.