Bible Landscapes Festival

Exciting activities in ancient landscapes, among the flowing springs


Bible Heroes Festival

Activities and Adventures with Biblical Heroes

Chol Hamoed Sukkot – October 8-10, 2017

Sunday – Tuesday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Choose a Biblical Hero

Meet Hannah at Ancient Shiloh (Sukkah on site)


A biblical experience for the entire family awaits you at Ancient Shiloh, home of the Tabernacle for 369 years. Children receive biblical costumes at the entrance, and in the festive spirit of the holiday, walk up to the site of the Tabernacle and the very place where Hannah stood in prayer. On the way, you’ll meet street actors who will take you on a journey back to the world of biblical heroes and their stories. Stop at the petting zoo and the life-size Shilo Kids game center to play with puzzles, chutes and ladders, a huge bowling set and more. At the crafting workshops, the children will be taught how to write in ancient Hebrew script on pieces of pottery, and encounter other ancient crafts. Additional activities on site: bicycle rentals, ancient crafting workshops, a visit to Seer’s Tower (multimedia show) and the family navigation game “The Lost Ark.” Paid activity.


Decipher the Riddle with Joshua Bin Nun – At Givat Hayekevim (Sukkah on site)

winery will.jpg

A mysterious riddle will lead you to a Jewish village with captivating artifacts from biblical times, as you encounter Joshua Bin Nun’s unique character while picking up the clues scattered around the village. A surprise awaits those who successfully solve the riddle! The activity is suitable for the entire family and is accompanied by musicians and street actors. Get ready to crawl through the underground tunnels in the village that were once used as subterranean wine cellars. You’ll also enjoy the Mediterranean Sea Overlook, where you can see the country all the way from Ashkelon to Netanya! If you’d like a wet treat, keep walking down a short trail until you reach Talmon Spring. We recommend bringing flashlights to make your underground experience even more exciting. Entrance is free!


Hike with Elisha at Mount Kochav Nature Reserve 

Mount Kochav.jpg

Where did Elisha and Elijah come from? Who met Elisha as he traveled and what does this have to do with the Binyamin region?

Mount Kochav offers a breathtaking view of Jerusalem and the Binyamin mountains to the west, the Dead Sea to the south and the Jordan Valley and Gilead mountains to the east. Desert flora meets Mediterranean groves in this unique location.

During the festival, guides will be stationed along the length of the trail as you explore caves which were once inhabited, cisterns and stories about Elisha, one of the most interesting figures in the Bible.

Tours will leave at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM (please register in advance on the website).

Level of difficulty: Medium; Trail: Circular; Waze: Maayan Hacramim, Kochav Hashachar

Free of charge! (Registration required)


Travel Time with the Prophet Samuel at Nachalat Binyamin Visitor Center - (Sukkah on site)

Psagot Winery.jpg

You’re invited on a journey back the ancient olive press of the past and fast-forward to the new winery. It’s a journey that will take you to the sites where the pilgrims ascended to Jerusalem, in the footsteps of the prophet Samuel and other biblical heroes.

Every day at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, a guided tour will embark (in private vehicles) to the ancient Hebrew village in Psagot. You’ll walk among ruins from biblical times, the second Temple period and the Middle Ages. You’ll meet actors who will revive the voices of the past as you listen to your guide tell the captivating story of the pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem.

Free of charge! Advanced registration required.

In addition, there are guided tours of the Visitor Center (every hour between 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM) that include a unique video presentation about the winemaking process, from the vineyard all the way into the wineglass. Free wine tasting included! A variety of craft workshops are available for children. Paid activity.

Advanced registration required at 02-9979333.


 Be a Guest at Abraham’s Tent at Eretz Bereshit -(Sukkah on site)

Genesis Land.jpg

In the Jewish tradition, Abraham is the most prominent symbol of hospitality. What did ancient hospitality look like, you wonder? At Eretz Bereshit, you’re invited to be a guest in Abraham’s tent, and experience ancient Hebrew hospitality in a rustic environment that recreates biblical times. You’ll also meet Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, who will lead you to his master’s tent on the ancient means of transportation – a camel. A variety of workshops are offered at the site. Activities are suitable for families. Reservations required at: 02-9974477. Paid activity.


6. Build in the Mud with Shaera bat Efrayim in Beit Horon

Beit horon.jpg

Long before the term “female entrepreneur” existed, there was one very successful businesswoman who built not one, but three cities in the Land of Israel! Over the years, her fame was forgotten – she’s Shaera bat Efrayim. We offer you an opportunity to get to know some more captivating yet lesser-known biblical women, and in honor of Shaera, you’ll get your hands dirty during this mud building workshop for the whole family. Entrance is free!


In addition – you can sign up for one of the guided tours in private vehicles any day:

1. Tour 1 – Biblical Heroes of Mount Efrayim

2. Tour 2 – Biblical Heroes North of Jerusalem

*Participation is free but advanced registration is required. Number of spots is limited.




Biblical Sites and Attractions

 Helioston Hill in Neve Tzuf -(Sukkah on site)

New! An audio tour experience for the entire family in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims, to discover the secret of the age-old wine. The tour includes several audio explanation stations and a cool dip in Meir Spring. See the remains of one-of-a-kind ancient “technology,” and enjoy the beautiful grove and spring. Sukkah and picnic tables on site. Entrance is free!


Shiloh Stream At Shiloh Junction, a hiking trail for the entire family

This is an upper tributary of the Yarkon River. Here you will find a hiking trail in the heart of nature, ancient ruins, a spring and pools. The hike begins at the Vineyards Parking Lot at Shiloh Junction. Entrance is free!


 Saboneto | Kochav Hashachar

Saboneto is a small factory that manufactures handmade natural soaps using an ancient traditional method. “For if you wash with natron and use much soap…” (Jeremiah 2:22)

Want to hear more about soap making, from the times of Jeremiah and until today? Come discover the hidden secrets of soap, and hear the moving story of how the factory was founded and incorporates disabled employees. To schedule a tour – 02-5409030. Entrance is free!


 The Beehive |Beit Horon (Sukkah on site)

“Out of the strong came forth sweetness” – Since the days of King Solomon, the bee has been man’s good friend. Come take a sneak peek at the busy world of the bees – an educational experience for the entire family!

  • Explanatory video
  • Watch the honey manufacturing process
  • Watch a play for children – King Solomon and the Bee

To schedule a tour – 02-5458856 Paid activity.


Shiloh ATV Tours | Near Ancient Shiloh (Sukkah on site)

All of the hottest extreme activities in one spot – off-road rangers, jeeps, paintball, and electric mountain bikes. During Sukkot, off-road ranger tours will be departing every hour on the hour, to trails throughout biblical Shiloh Valley. We’ll enjoy the gorgeous landscape and stop at refreshing springs. The drive is accompanied by a professional guide.

Jeep tours by prior reservation. Telephone: 02-9920235 Paid activity.


 Gvaot Winery | Givat Harel

Boutique winery opposite the vineyard landscape and a breathtaking overlook of Shiloh Stream. Wine tasting for adults and an explanatory video. By prior reservation. Eliav: 050-7250806. Paid activity.


Moledet Farm Visitor Center | Kochav Hashachar (Sukkah on site)

Family fun with farm-style activities: tractor rides, pita baking, make your own grape juice and more. Sunday-Monday, October 8-9 between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Telephone: 052-8663354. Paid activity.


Canaan Rangers and Jeeps | Kfar Adumim, Gas Station

Drive your own off-road ranger or take a jeep tour in the heart of the desert!

Trips include – gorgeous views of the Dead Sea and the site where the Jewish people crossed the Jordan River, cisterns from the Hasmonean period, the biblical Mount Azazel and more. Trips incorporate stops and explanations for a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable family experience!

Telephone: 02-5355351/ 02-5353840

Paid activity.


Shiloh Winery – Shiloh Industrial Zone

Tour and wine tasting at Shiloh Winery, located near the vineyards of the Shiloh Valley. By prior reservation. Telephone: Amichai Luria 050-3422268


Shvutya’s Studio | Givat Harel

Relaxing ceramic workshops. Every participant chooses an item of their choice from a selection of cups, bowls, dishes, bells, washing cups and more. You will then paint and decorate them using various methods and letting your imagination run wild! Suitable for ages 2-120.

The studio will be open Sunday-Monday, by prior reservation only. Duration of workshop: 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Telephone: Shvutya – 052-7906171. Paid activity.


Jacob’s Ladder | Beit El

Sunday, October 8 – Guided tours at the site of Jacob’s dream will depart at 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

By prior reservation. Telephone: 052-5349512. Entrance is free!


Idra – The Yurt in Achiya | Achiya (Sukkah on site)

Home-style hospitality in a unique Mongolian yurt that we actually live in! We invite you into our home to see for yourself. Our ecological garden includes an outdoor gallery featuring handmade Judaica art that incorporates calligraphy on parchment. Tour our home and gallery for an interesting experience! Telephone: 052-6053333. Entrance is free!


Maanit Glass Art | Kida (Sukkah on site)

Come for a crafting workshop where you’ll create with glass that is then fused in a special oven. For couples, groups and families, suitable for ages 6 and up. Free entry to the gallery, special prices for groups. Especially for the holiday: workshop to create Ushpizin sets out of glass. Live demonstrations and encounter with the artist, Maanit, throughout the day. By prior reservation. Telephone: 052-3767091. Paid activity.


Bat Dror Farm | Neve Erez (Sukkah on site)

Bat Dror Farm showcases ancient building and crafting methods, in the biblical landscape of the Binyamin hills overlooking the Judean Desert. You’re invited to enter the world of the ancient craftsmen. We’ll go back in time and see how people once lived – how they built their homes, made dishes and utensils, drew drawings and more. Duration of the tour: Approximately half an hour, leaving every hour on the hour between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Tour includes: explanations, stories, demonstrations, tastings, coffee/tea/cold water. “Colors of Nature” workshop by prior reservation. Telephone, Bat Chen: 054-7339358.

Entrance fee, paid activity.


 Ptil Tekhelet Factory | Kfar Adumim (Sukkah on site)

Tours depicting how the blue Tekhelet dye is created for tzitzit. Demonstration of dyeing with real Tekhelet produced from a snail, explanatory video and machines that spin wool to turn it into tzitzit strings. Tours will be held on every day of the festival, at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 2:00 PM. By prior reservation: 052-8788183. Paid activity.


Magic of the Date | Mevo’ot Yericho (Sukkah on site)

The Alush family’s date grove, cultivated by Jewish laborers near Jericho, city of the dates. The grove is located on the route ascending from Jericho to the biblical city Ai, at the location where the Jewish people ascended to conquer Ai and where Elisha the prophet went after he healed the water. At Magic of the Date, you’ll hear about the wonders of the palm tree, historically and today. Taste dates straight off the tree, participate in workshops, guided tours, and discover unique products. Telephone, Merav: 052-7203051. Paid activity.


Science Celebration | Vineyard View Road (Kida Junction)

R&D Ariel invites you to a science celebration in the research vineyard. Discover the wonders of the plants and environment. On every day of the festival, there will be demonstrations, tours and a microscope station. Breakthrough discoveries in the field of agriculture will surprise you! Plus, a meteorological station and make your own cloud identification chart. Scientific bunker, field microscopes, technological equipment and more…On Monday, October 9th – Special Activity – a science magic show!


Chill Out in a Biblical Spring

Dolev Spring

In the heart of a vineyard, out of sight, lies a shaded, beautiful spring.

Organized parking and picnic tables on site.

Talmon Spring

A short walk from Givat Hayekevim lies this large, deep pool, surrounded by sitting areas between the ancient olive and citrus trees.

Aner Springs

An enchanting grove and park with natural pools.

Meir Spring – Neve Tzuf

A set of springs and wading pools, surrounded by benches.

Ateret Spring

A small stream leads to two large pools, one deep and the other shallow, surrounded by benches.

Vineyard Spring – Kochav Hashachar

A unique ecological spring, also a great starting point for a tour of Mount Kochav Reserve.

HaGvura Spring – Eli

Features a deep pool and a shallow pool, picnic tables and sitting areas.

Oz Spring

A spring and two pools, one deep and the other shallow, plus picnic tables.

Mulberry Spring (Ein Tut)

A spring that flows out of the side of a mountain, with a pool and short hike up to the spring that can also be reached in 4X4 vehicles. Organized parking, sitting areas.

Prat Spring

Springs, pools and a flowing stream. Many picnic tables. The large pool is manned by a lifeguard. Archaeological remains on site. Entrance fee (National Park)

Mabua Spring

A flowing spring and pool that empties and refills in a cyclical pattern. Many picnic tables. Waterfalls and hiking trails.

Qelt Spring

A large spring, waterfall and ancient aqueduct.

Features a short hike from your car to the spring that can also be continued to Saint George monastery, located on the edge of a cliff.


  • Swim at your own risk. Children must be supervised by their parents!


Places to Eat:

Bad BaVad Café | Yaron Grove (Sukkah on site)

Open throughout the festival. The café is located in the Talmonim region, opposite breathtaking biblical landscapes and at the bottom of ancient Givat Hayekevim. You’re invited to enjoy the views, the fresh air and our cuisine. Pizza, pasta, salads, focaccia and more.

Telephone: 050-9935299

Kosher, Dairy

Sagiv Calzone Bar | Naale (Sukkah on site)

In a quiet town between the moutnains, you’ll find our family café and pizzeria, featuring a variety of pizza, baked specialities, salads, coffee and more…

During the holiday, the restaurant will be open from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Telephone: 08-9246424

Kosher L’ Mehadrin, Dairy, under the supervision of the Binyamin Rabbinate.

Falafel at the Station | Maavar Michmas Gas Station (Sukkah on site)

Hot, fresh falafel, French fries and drinks. Everything is super fresh, pita bread baked on site!

Open: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Telephone: 058-5505012

Kosher L’ Mehadrin, Binyamin Rabbinate

Canaanite Desert Cuisine | Kfar Adumim Junction (Sukkah on site)

Caananite combines top-quality food with local ingredients and fresh spices. Finest cuts of meat, breads straight out of the stone taboun and more. Opening hours during the festival: 1:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Telephone: 02-5355351/02-5353840

Kosher, Meat

Merlot | Shiloh (Sukkah on site)

Dairy restaurant with a pleasant, rustic ambience.

Open during Sukkot from 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Telephone: 02-6284601


All activities at the sites are under the sole responsibility of the site operator | Subject to changes. E&OE.