Bible Landscapes Festival

Exciting activities in ancient landscapes, among the flowing springs

Guided tours, music in the heart of nature, multimedia displays, camel and off-road vehicle rides, jewelry and ancient crafts workshops and dozens of additional activities.

Bible Landscapes Festival.jpg

The Binyamin Region, Chol Hamoed Pesach 5776, April 24-27, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Inspired by the abundance of springs, ponds and streams that flow in the Binyamin Region, and in the spirit of the wild biblical landscapes, the Biblical Landscapes Festival invites you to visit during Chol Hamoed Pesach. Seven hiking trails alongside the streams, springs and gorgeous nature sites await the visitors, including Shiloh Stream, Prat Stream, Danny Spring, Mabua Spring, Aner Springs and more. At each site, a large selection of activities run by local tourism providers will be available, including: ancient craft workshops, guided tours, petting zoos, a unique multimedia display projected on the backdrop of the vineyard view, crafts with fire and glass, a jewelry workshop, tours of a boutique dairy, goat-milking, wine tasting, camel rides, off-road vehicle rides, ATV rides, bicycles and more. The information stations located in various spots throughout the region will guide visitors and recommend activities. At three of the hiking trails, free interactive activities for the entire family will be offered. At the Shvil Hamaayanot trail, which winds between six springs, ancient pools and gorgeous wildflowers, musicians will await the visitors at the sitting areas in the natural forest. At Givat Hayekevim, guided tours accompanied by street actors and musicians will be offered, as well as an impressive underground system of winepresses that can be crawled through. At Har Hakochav, tour guides will await visitors at the breathtaking overlooks.

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